Borderline Insanity
You know what??

My friend told me to get my ass in gear with this weight loss thing and check out some of the before an after pictures on Tumblr… It’s like “I lost 22 pounds in three months and I’m soo happy” and I’m all “bitch please I’ll do that in three weeks.” Now to get onto doing that….

You’ve made me feel worthless…

Can’t you just leave me alone?

Please…? How miserable do you want me to be before you’re happy..?

I have yet to find a Foo Fighters song that can’t describe how I feel at any point in my life… Damn your artistic brilliance David Grohl.

Day one

Well I hope he makes you happy. All the time and effort I’ve spent on you in the last eighteen months is now being diverted towards me. I must venture on and restart my training… In 12 months my goal is to be in or close to being in my first fight. 205 or bust. I’ll be right cold with you few who may see this. I have 118 pounds to go.


This growing up thing scares the living shit out of me… I’m 19 years old and have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I have so many things I want to go and do… And then I remember my…. Limitations…

It’s been a while…

Oh Tumblr I almost forgot you existed. Seems like I come crawling to you to complain about my personal life all the time. And for that I’m sorry :(

I see now that you’re going through every single thing you put me through.. But why isn’t it making me happy to see that Karma is going all Bruce Lee on your heart? Maybe it’s because I know I was everything you were looking for without you even knowing it..? Maybe I’m not as solid as I thought… I miss you but I cannot say anything. We are mere shadows of who we used to be… Bohemians at most. Odds are not ever having anything to do with each other anymore…

I have found someone else… And she’s an amazing girl. Unconditional love… But… The mind wanders and has put me into confusion on what I want… I find myself thinking about you more and more…

It’s been a while

For a few things in fact… Side I’ve posted something… And since I’ve cried over a girl… I let the last one go, I don’t regret letting her get away. I can do better… But this one… I’m going to do everything that I can to never let her go


You’re so right for me it’s not even funny